Fausto Papaqui


A journey

Some years ago I started a trip to the unknown with very little knowledge. I was recovering from a cloudy stage and I was in search of myself. Today and everyday I improvise with my guitar to keep growing and to discover more about reality.

I think that travel is not about knowing a place, but to know yourself. This might be a glimpse of myself in a never ending world of wonders. This is for sure an effort of translating my struggle into words and to share the beauty of nature, life, humanity and love, as I slowly learn with every interaction.

En pocas palabras

26.01.2022 • Travel

En pocas palabras

Pensaba olvidar lo que viví los últimos 9 meses donde dejé estos escritos, aunque quizá mejor dejaré que se cuente por sí solo. De pasar […]

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Vivir en San Cristóbal de las Casas

28.03.2021 • Travel

San Cristobal

Frío. San Cristóbal es frío. No es queja, solo un sabio consejo para venir preparado con una buena chamarra. El problema es que las casas […]

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Live Busking Vs. Instagram Stories

10.03.2021 • Music


Social media for musicians and it’s disadvantages. Forget social media for a while. How about playing music in real life. What makes music alive is […]

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