Fausto Papaqui

Live Busking Vs. Instagram Stories

Back to Blog 10.03.2021 • Music

Social media for musicians and it’s disadvantages.

Forget social media for a while. How about playing music in real life.

What makes music alive is not just the musician or a shiny instrument. Imagine a truly beautiful young woman with blue eyes and a smile that makes you forget reason. Imagine there’s no human alive except that beautiful birdie. What’s the purpose of such a miracle, no one to desire her, no courtship, no dance of love; who is going to see her smile, who is going to feel proud of having her attention?

The crowd (la foule) is an essential part of music, and more than two musicians on stage make it a better experience. In the end we’re a social animal, and we need to interact with others. That’s why we love dancing in a dark room feeling the heat and sweet from the others. We behave like cells swimming in a pool made of our own existence.

Translating music into social media, specially Instagram, is dangerous and leads to failure. The reward is immediate, people from Japan or Italy or Mexico enjoy our songs. But that’s ephemeral, it’s just a notification that’s forgotten in the next 20 seconds. The attention and pleasure you get thanks to social media acts like a drug, and a very delicate one. Even if you can profit financially, in the long run it takes more than you think.

Of course we’re not getting rid of it, but at least we can try to balance by going out to the streets and play just for fun. Try to play at a bar, a restaurant, a party, with friends or at the hostel. There’s always someone that appreciates live music and we all enjoy unique experiences. 

Live music for a small amount of people is more significant than any interaction you get on Instagram. And it’s also a good exercise for the creative mind by forcing yourself to enjoy mistakes made in a live gig. When you play live there’s no second chance, there’s no editing, and that creates a magic reality.

Is busking still an option? Well, let’s make it happen.

Meet you on the loop.